Introducing the Tops Tots Blog...


Hi. I’m Tiffany, a mom of one amazing, talented, smart, hug-loving little boy who’s now 3. I became a first-time mom at the ripe old age of 36.

Pre-baby, I sang for a living, wrote songs, and was a budding entrepreneur. Post-baby, I sing, write songs, and I'm still an entrepreneur, but now with a much greater purpose.

It is a typical day at my home to hear me singing, so it was only natural once I had my son to sing songs to him that were child appropriate.

I would listen to the standard nursery rhymes but found myself uncomfortable singing songs with a negative connotation (which, by the way, I never noticed until I had a baby).

The kid songs I was familiar with, in my opinion, were a bit trite, ie: Rock a Bye Baby (a little scary), London Bridges (slightly tragic), Hush Little Baby (a song about... bribery? Ha). I decided to live life and sing to him about the world around us.

"Socks and Shoes" was one of the first songs I wrote for him and it became part of a routine for us as we were getting ready to go. I'd start singing "socks and shoes" and he would head towards the shoe rack and sit down because he knew we were going someplace.

We also found it to be super catchy. I felt an impression that warmed my heart-- that if my son responded to this as well as he did, then I wanted to share this with moms and children everywhere.

With that, Tops Tots was born.

The age demographic for Tops is 24 months to 5 years old. As a mom to a kid in that age group, I admit to being slightly paranoid anytime I hand my over phone to him.

Though it's necessary at times, like while grocery shopping or doing the things mom have to do, it made me apprehensive after seeing some of the videos that cater to children.

So, I decided to make original music for children and put animation to the entire song catalog. It's a safety net in this tech world we live in for the precious impressionable minds.

While watching a Tops video, parents can be reassured that their children are safe and that they are listening and watching content that is beneficial to teach children about this wonderful world around us.

So far, Tops debut album “Songs to Help Me Grow” has impacted tons of kids in the Los Angeles area we have our very own Youtube channel which features original animated videos to children all across the world. "Sock and Shoes" already has over 123,000 views. Thanks, kiddos!

I'm grateful to be able to use this powerful gift of music for good. My hope is that Tops will continue to generate awareness about the impact of music on our hearts and minds. The goal is to impact generations to come, helping kids thrive, build confidence and community.

My favorite thing that I've accomplished so far is watching the children’s faces as they are singing along to the songs on the album, just jumping around being free and having a good time! 

So what's next for Tops? The launch of this blog for one, on which I'll post as often as I can (sign up for our email list so you don't miss our next post!). As for what's on deck, we're going bilingual and releasing "Songs to Help Me Grow" in español in the near future.

In the coming months, we'll have a festive Tops Tots Christmas song hitting speakers near you just in time for the holiday season. And in development we have more animated videos, our very own app, merchandise, and.... *drumroll please*, a TV show in the works!

As for this blog, you can expect it to be real. It will be me talking about motherhood, life, children- unfiltered, yet, filled with silver linings.

I don’t have all the answers. Children don't come with an instruction manual. But, I am constantly learning and always trying to better myself as a mom, musician, and as a human being in general.

I ask a lot of questions, pray constantly, read everything recommend and that I can get my hands on. But, I believe you and I may have a few things in common. We want whats best for our children, and we are on the quest of evolution as women after baby.

Music is an effective way to learn. Even as an adult. I can remember trying to study for tests using music, turning information on any given subject into a song. It's why we still remember our favorite songs from high school, why we can recite every word like no time has passed.

That's the power of music. It's a channel to our brains, helping us connect and learn in the most beautiful way. We hope you'll welcome Tops into your parenting journey and introduce your kids to music that we know they'll love.

In honor of the kids back to grade school, preschool, home school, daycare, I thought it's only natural to release our new video for "These Are My ABCs." Head on over to Youtube to watch -- and please subscribe to our page while you're at it! We hope you enjoy.